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What Is ScreamScapes?

ScreamScapes provides Queue Line videos for Haunted Attractions ranging from Warnings, Rules & Payment Options to Monster Trivia, Halloween Havoc & Customized Messages.

Why Do I NEED Queue Line Videos?

Haunts generally dedicate an actor or crew member to announce a lengthy list of Rules & Warnings ever couple of minutes. Not only does this create an extra position that must be filled each night but it also creates additional costs, scheduling and/or training.

Reading your Rules & Warnings will cause inconsistent information for your guests as the announcers may forget or leave out important details due to repetitiveness or boredom.

Queue Line videos play on a loop allowing you to free up a position, save money and always deliver accurate and consistent information to your guests. 

Where Do I Use Queue Line Videos?

Any where that there is a line! Mount a flat screen TV on a wall to deliver content to your guests. Here are a few examples that may work at your Haunt:

  • Front Entrance
  • Side Attraction Entrance
  • Ticket Lines
  • Ticket Booth
  • Attraction Lines
  • Concession Booths
  • Food Areas
  • Guest Services
  • Will Call Booth
  • Smoking Sections
  • Parking Lot
  • Bathroom Areas
  • Security Areas
  • Medic Area
  • Project Onto A Wall 

What Can I Add To My Queue Line Video?

Aside from Rules & Warnings you can add unique info about your Haunted Attraction. Here are a few examples:

  • Special Events
  • Calendar / Dates
  • Social Media Links
  • Contests
  • Daily Specials
  • Ticket Prices
  • Food Prices
  • Sponsor Logos
  • Special Guests
  • Ticket Upgrades
  • Group Rates
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Parking Fees
  • Hours Of Operation
  • Monster Trivia

What Do I Need To Get Started?

After you have your Custom Queue Line Video you need a few more things. In depth tutorials coming soon.

  • Any size HD Flat Screen TV with at least one HDMI Port or RCA inputs
  • Laptop, Media Player Device or DVD player
  • HDMI Cable (RCA Cables for DVD players)
  • Wall Mount or a secure safe surface to display a TV
  • Power Source

What Are Video Themes?

Videos generally come in a Custom Theme with unique Animated Backgrounds, Fonts and Color Schemes that are ready to loop in your Queue Line system. However, we offer them in combo and single short clips along with a Customization Template to create your own videos. Themes include:

  • Industrial – Traditional Industrial Look and Feel
  • Blood & Guts – Just like it sounds… Blood. And. Guts
  • Abandoned – Empty Buidlings, Rooms and Warehouses
  • 3D – Works with some 3D Chromadepth Glasses
  • Extras – Payment Option, Monster Trivia and Halloween Havoc Showdown

I See Different Video Formats, What Should I Get?

We package our Queue Line videos in a few different way to give you options. If your just getting started or already have a good Queue Line System in place, these make a great addition.

  • [Easy] – Complete “Ready to Play” videos that can loop
  • [Medium] – À la carte combo and single videos to build your own Queue Line in Windows Media Player
  • [Hard] – Fully Customization Template Packages to create custom messages and videos
  • [Hassle Free] – We will create a custom a video for you to download

What If I Already Have A Queue Line Video Set Up?

That’s Great!! The hard part is all done. Our Queue Line video can serve as companion video to your existing video. We can combine our videos with yours if you need help, other wise, just insert them into your favorite media play.

Can My Video Editor Use Your Templates?

Absolutely! Template packages come with many elements to create your own custom themed messages in the Style of each theme. Your time is valuable and these packages will help free up time to create other important content.

What Is Monster Trivia?

Monster Trivia originated as a Trivia Contest to raise engagement on your Facebook page by giving FREE Tickets to random winners.

Queue Line Monster Trivia can be places in between Warnings and Rules in your Queue Line video to entertain guests as they wait. Guests may submit their answers on your Facebook page or Tweet to your Haunt using the hashtag. Pick winners and message them back to offer prizes to be redeemed at your concession booth.

What Is Halloween Havoc Showdown?

Halloween Havoc Showdown is similar to Monster Trivia in that it will provide entertainment while your guests are waiting in line. We put 2 Horror Villains against each other and people vote on who they think would win in a battle by submit their vote on your Facebook page or Tweet to your Haunt using the hashtag #HHBattles.

What Are Some Of The Warnings & Rules

We are always looking for more Warnings & Rules as not every Attraction uses the ones. CLICK HERE for a sample list.

Do You Have Animated Videos For Inside The Attraction?

We are currently working on a few. Check Back Soon. If you need a Custom Video Made, message us HERE. Sign up for our Mailing List Here to get updates on new videos.

Can I Get Videos In Portrait Orientation?

We are working on Portrait Oriented videos. Check back soon or sign up for our Mailing List Here

Do You Sell Media Player Devices or Accessories?

Yes! We can order the correct Devices and Accessories to ship directly to your Haunted Attraction. We also offer FREE phone support to hook everything up. Video tutorials will be available shortly. 


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